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April 2018 Archives

Why would a Denver business want to register its name?

What is a business without a name? Some of the biggest business names world-wide conjure up products or services that are, "household names." In fact, it could be said that name recognition is a cornerstone of a successful business enterprise in Colorado. Therefore, it is important to choose a name that is unique.

Merger negotiations do not always result in a final agreement

Sometimes, two small business owners in Colorado decide to combine their businesses in a way that creates a single business entity. This is known as a merger, and it can be a way for two small businesses to grow their operations. However, there is much negotiating that will take place as the two businesses decide how best to form the new entity. It is hoped that these negotiations will result in a final merger agreement. Unfortunately, these negotiations can fail. When this happens, a satisfactory merger agreement is never reached and the deal falls through.


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