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State electric vehicle plan opens new opportunities

| Jun 13, 2019 | Contracts |

While the move away from burning fossil fuels remains a contentious issue in the federal government, Colorado is moving ahead with a cleaner-energy future. Earlier this year, Gov. Jared Polis signed an executive order intended to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Among other things, the order establishes that the $70 million the state received as a part of a settlement from automaker Volkswagen will be used in state grants for local businesses and agencies to replace older cars, trucks and buses with electric vehicles.

Proponents of electric vehicles and cleaner air welcomed the order as a way to jumpstart the electric vehicle market. Proponents of cleaner energy note that that the industry is stuck in a situation where it has needed some kind of stimulus to boost volume and lower prices, and the new policy could be just what is needed.

While companies such as Tesla have gained a lot of attention for their electric vehicles, these are aimed at the consumer market. Colorado’s executive order is aimed at the market for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles for the business and industrial markets. By some estimates, businesses and government agencies operate more than half the vehicles currently in use in the United States, and so a widespread change in the fleets managed by these entities can have a profound effect on the motor vehicle market as a whole.

Small businesses that are looking to replace aging vehicles in their fleets can talk to a business attorney about their options. It may be a good idea for some companies to apply for an electric vehicle grant.

A business attorney isn’t just for resolving disputes. A good attorney can help small businesses plan to grow and thrive through wise use of contracts and strategy.