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Businesses trying to do good things for their community

We often talk about business as though its only goal is growth and profit. Certainly, a for-profit enterprise needs to make money. But it can also do some good for the community.

Denver recently became home to a new pizza restaurant that employs mostly people with disabilities. Located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, Pizzability looks much like any other pizza place in the front of the house. It serves pizza by the slice or the pie, beer and other beverages, and scoops of gelato. In the back of the house, things are different. Almost all the employees have disabilities. The kitchen is designed with wheelchairs and other tools in mind, and there are a number of features for disabled workers, including tools and other things for people with sensory needs.

The business is an offshoot of another disability-focused business called Brewability. Both were founded by a woman who had a long career teaching children with disabilities. She saw how her students grew up with slim job prospects, and she decided to found a business to help.

No matter how good or well-intended the business idea, it must start off with a good legal foundation if it is going to stand up to the market setbacks, employment disputes, business disputes and other setbacks it will almost inevitably face in the future. To build that foundation, business owners need help from an attorney with experience in business formation.

A business attorney can help entrepreneurs and others to choose the right business structure to protect their companies and themselves, file the necessary paperwork, draft contracts and advise them about ways to prepare their businesses to grow and continue to do good for many years into the future.

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