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| Nov 7, 2019 | Business Formation |

When you are developing your new business, you have a lot on your mind. Perhaps you are putting the finishing touches on an invention, or working out the logistics for your new service. You may need to buy or rent a space, hire employees and take care of endless details. Hanging over all this are your considerations and worries about your potential customers.

With all that and more on your plate, it can be hard to think beyond the immediate future. Still, some of the very basic decisions you make about how to structure your business can have profound consequences months or years from now.

While you are starting your business, take some time to talk with a skilled attorney about choosing the right structure, whether it is sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or something else. The right structure will protect your business and your personal assets in the event of problems down the road. And there will always be some kind of problem down the road, eventually.

At Virtual Counsel LLC, we work with entrepreneurs and startups to find ways to protect our clients as they put their dreams into practice with their new businesses. We find ways to mitigate the effects of legal disputes and tax issues, and help them manage their relationships with investors and financial institutions. We also help with contracts, mediation and strategic planning.

Our attorney has decades of experience in business law and has helped hundreds of clients to develop their ideas into successful companies. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he worked for years at large law firms in Los Angeles before moving to Colorado. For more than 20 years, he has helped clients in the Denver area in a wide variety of issues in business law and mediation.