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What does a fair employment contract look like?

| May 11, 2020 | Contracts |

Owning and operating a small business in the Denver region typically means having at least a few employees. In bygone days, managing a workforce was much simpler. You accepted applications, interviewed your candidates and hired the person you thought best for the job. After that, you either kept the employee because he or she did a good job, or you let the worker go and looked for a replacement.

In the 21st century, hiring and managing workers is often complicated. Both workers and business owners are much savvier about employment law, meaning both parties want to protect their rights. A simple way to ensure mutual protection is to use employment contracts.

When properly prepared, these contracts can spell out critical details of an employment agreement. This ensures fair treatment for your workers and protection against disputes for your business. What do mutually beneficial employment contracts look like? They contain clear, simple language and provisions that work for you and your staff. Examples of such provisions include:

  • Employee duties and responsibilities
  • Employer duties and responsibilities
  • Details addressing worker benefits as well as vacation and sick leave
  • Nondisclosure agreements to protect your company
  • Information regarding the resolution of employment disputes
  • Employer grounds for termination of employment
  • Any incentives you offer your staff members

Once you have decided what you wish to include in your employment contracts, it is wise to have a business lawyer review the document for clarity and possible errors. This ensures that you have not included language or provisions that violate a worker’s rights. It also provides you with an advocate should disputes arise or if you need a professional to help you negotiate your contracts.