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The art of negotiating small business mergers in Denver

The deft handling of mergers and acquisitions is an art that many small business owners in the Denver area fail to master. Although they realize that merging with other businesses helps them achieve success, they tend to avoid this complex part of business growth.

Hostile acquisitions: What is the white knight defense?

As a business owner in the Denver, CO, area, you are deeply committed to protecting your business interests. Protective measures can take many forms. Sometimes, a business merger is the best way to ensure your business endures and continues to thrive. Mergers are something all parties agree to and are rarely hostile.

When business and historic preservation collide

Merging with or acquiring a small business often means taking possession of the business' real estate, and sometimes this means the new owner is stuck with a lease or outright ownership of a building that doesn't suit its needs. It may seek to renovate, or demolish and rebuild a structure in order to make it more practical for its business.

Local media acquisition part of a nationwide trend

The news media business has been on shaky ground ever since the Internet started taking a bite out of its advertising revenue almost 20 years ago. The situation has grown even more precarious since the rise of social media disrupted the way many Americans get their news. Print media has been hit particularly hard, but television, radio and websites have struggled as well. What's more, the media landscape has changed for large media corporations and small businesses alike.

Set a business goal of acquiring a smaller business

A business's number one goal is to be profitable. While this may be true, there are many smaller goals a business will set in order to achieve this goal. One goal that may be on the agenda for a growing or established business is to acquire a smaller business. The ability to purchase a smaller business can indicate the growth and success a business has achieved.


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