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Skilled Guidance Through Your Litigation Matter

When facing potential litigation, you may require someone to provide you trustworthy and objective advice pertaining to your options and the handling of your case. Denver, Colorado, attorney Michael A. Cross, provides over 15 years of experience helping individuals explore their best legal options.

Am I In Need Of Assistance Concerning My Case?

There are a number of questions you can ask yourself that may determine whether you need litigation consulting services. Such questions can include:

  • Do you need help in managing a potential or current lawsuit involving $100,000 or more?
  • How do you decide whether to proceed with the lawsuit?
  • How do you select the right lawyers?
  • Once you have selected the lawyers, how do you align the litigation strategy with the business objectives and your budget?
  • Which motions are unnecessary?
  • Which depositions are unnecessary?
  • Should you mediate or litigate?
  • Should you mediate in separate rooms or the same room?

Michael Cross, of Virtual General Counsel LLC, can provide you unbiased assistance in answering these questions since he is a business lawyer and an experienced mediator. He is not a litigator. He will have no conflicting financial interests in the advice you receive from him. What he can do is to provide you with a wide variety of resources along with knowledgeable guidance.

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