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Knowledgeable Business Lawyer Providing Mediation Services

An increasing number of business contracts include mediation clauses designed to avoid litigation in the event of a dispute. Mediation provides a forum where both parties can have a say in resolving a dispute. The process is typically more efficient, cost-effective and causes less disruption to the operation of the business compared to litigating the dispute. When choosing a mediator, not only is it important to consider the person’s knowledge of the law, the parties must also consider his or her understanding of the realities of operating a business.

Michael A. Cross at Virtual General Counsel LLC is a respected Denver, Colorado, attorney offering mediation services throughout the greater Denver area. A 1980 Harvard Law School graduate, Mr. Cross owned and operated a commercial printing business for nearly 20 years prior to his re-entry into business law.

A Skilled Business Lawyer Facilitating Business Conflict Resolution

As a mediator, Mr. Cross serves as a neutral third party who works to help the parties reach an amicable agreement regarding their disputes. He does not represent either party and does not offer legal advice during the proceeding. His knowledge of the law and understanding of the concerns held by parties to a business dispute allow him to provide valuable insight that can lead to a positive resolution.

Mr. Cross has experience mediating a broad range of business disputes, including the following:

  • Disputes involving homeowners associations and homeowners
  • Disputes between business owners
  • Partnership disputes
  • Vendor disputes
  • Employee disputes
  • Disputes over business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Contract and collective bargaining disputes
  • Sexual harassment matters
  • Gender, age and racial discrimination claims
  • Conflicts involving cross-cultural issues

Let Our Law Firm Serve You

Schedule an appointment regarding your mediation needs with Mr. Cross by calling 303-395-0259 or toll free at 800-229-1646. The firm may also be reached via email. Virtual General Counsel LLC offers flexible appointments. Mr. Cross regularly travels to clients’ offices for on-site consultations.