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How can non-solicitation agreements protect your business?

You want your employees to have a good relationship with your clients. That only benefits you and helps you grow your business. But what happens when one of those employees leaves and moves to a new business – or starts of one their own? They may have clients who are loyal to them and want to follow them. That can mean a big loss of income for you.

Contracts: Should small businesses offer severance packages?

Severance packages are usually associated with massive corporations, but small business owners may also benefit from offering severance agreements. Sometimes, employers and employees agree on severance packages after employment begins or when a termination occurs. Other times, severance provisions are addressed in employee contracts signed at the beginning of the working relationship.

What does a fair employment contract look like?

Owning and operating a small business in the Denver region typically means having at least a few employees. In bygone days, managing a workforce was much simpler. You accepted applications, interviewed your candidates and hired the person you thought best for the job. After that, you either kept the employee because he or she did a good job, or you let the worker go and looked for a replacement.

Building better business contracts in Denver

Owning and operating a small business in the Denver, Colorado, region usually means that you will need to create one or more business contracts. The days in which parties made agreements by way of a simple handshake have faded away. Now, business owners need much more protection than they might have needed in those bygone days.

What damages are available for breach of a business contract?

Most members of Denver's small business community know that airtight contracts contribute to the success and growth of a business. As such, these business owners take careful steps to ensure that their contracts are precise and detailed. Unfortunately, entities on the other side of a contract may still choose to violate the terms of such a document.

Before signing, seek legal support with contract questions

A good contract can place a Colorado business in a strong position for the future. Whether it is for securing a useful vendor, leasing a new location for operations or hiring a critical employee, a well-drafted contract can provide a business with security and confidence in their actions. Not long ago this blog discussed the basic elements of a contract, but depending upon what type of contract a business needs to execute, the terms of the agreement may vary from those of others.

The elements of a basic contract

Contracts are an essential component of many business relationships. When a small Colorado business chooses to hire a new employee or work with a new vendor it will likely create and execute a contract to govern the terms of their relationship. Contracts, also called agreements, are based on an offer and an acceptance of the offered terms.

Social media policy changes can cause havoc for small businesses

Social media has upended the traditional ways businesses advertise and generate word-of-mouth among their customers and potential customers. Many small businesses in the Denver area have built their entire media strategies around social media. However, these strategies can be destroyed overnight when the social media companies change the ways they present a business' posts.

Build a better contract

Drafting a contract that accomplishes all your business goals while addressing all possible complications is not easy. The language in a contract should be clear and the parties should make sure they agree on every point.


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