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Providing Knowledgeable Business And Commercial Law Representation

When business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and others face disputes or other issues, having an attorney who brings practical business experience to the case can be extremely beneficial. Virtual General Counsel LLC represents businesses of all sizes in a broad range of business and commercial law matters.

Denver, Colorado, attorney Michael A. Cross offers more than 15 years of experience practicing business law and the perspective of a business owner who has faced all of the same issues as his clients. The firm’s dedicated focus on commercial law and uniquely relevant business experience give clients access to a skilled lawyer who has walked in their shoes.

Attorney Providing Reliable In-House General Counsel Services

Virtual General Counsel LLC provides all of the same services as an in-house department would. The firm’s clients receive the highest level of service and reliable legal representation without committing resources such as salary, benefits, office space and support staff. Mr. Cross offers a variety of fee structures, including fixed fee and monthly retainer arrangements.

The firm offers comprehensive business and commercial law services, including the following:

  • General corporate counsel services, including day-to-day personnel matters, contract negotiations, drafting and disputes. The firm also handles internal audit policy and procedures, compliance systems, and reporting such as Sarbanes-Oxley and privacy matters
  • New business startup services, including creation of the business entity, drafting of LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, C and S corporation articles of incorporation and shareholder agreements, development of employee incentive plans, stock option plans, restricted stock plans, 401(k) arrangements, employee policy manuals and executive employment agreements
  • Purchase, sale and financing services, including bank financing, venture capital and private equity transactions, drafting and review of merger/acquisition agreements, vendor arrangements and exit strategies

The Business Litigation Services We Provide

Any business owner would agree that litigation should only be used as a last resort for resolving a dispute. The time and expense that litigation typically requires can impact a company’s bottom line in many different ways. When litigation is the only option available, however, it is important to be prepared.

Virtual General Counsel LLC conducts an independent and objective review of the legal issues and assists in the process of selecting qualified litigation counsel. The firm does not have a stake in the litigation. Its objective is to assist companies in the selection of litigation counsel with the experience and ability to protect your interests in court.

Fee Negotiation And Case Management

Mr. Cross is mindful of his clients’ financial interests in the selection of litigation counsel and works diligently to secure effective representation at a reasonable cost. Once candidates have been vetted and a selection has been made, he works to negotiate a fee structure that aligns litigation counsel’s financial interests with yours. Depending on the nature of your case and the work that needs to be done, Mr. Cross may pursue a flat fee, fee-per-task, hourly fee or another type of arrangement.

The firm also provides complete case management services while litigation is pending and in progress. Mr. Cross provides monthly reviews of actual legal expenses versus budgeted expenses, and works directly with litigation counsel to stay abreast of the progress of your case. He provides regular case updates to your key personnel and provides other case management services appropriate to your needs.

Let Virtual General Counsel LLC Assist You

Schedule an appointment regarding your business and commercial law needs with Mr. Cross by calling 303-395-0259 or toll free at 800-229-1646. The firm may also be reached via email. Virtual General Counsel LLC offers flexible appointments. Mr. Cross regularly travels to clients’ offices for on-site consultations.