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The Resolution You Need In Contract Negotiation And Disputes

So you have entered into a contract, but now that contract is being scrutinized because of a dispute or a need for amendments. Hopefully you had an experienced lawyer help draft the contract and include important clauses that outline dispute resolution options. Even if you did, you may still need help addressing issues that were not considered at the time it was initially drafted, reviewed or negotiated.

Virtual General Counsel LLC offers a wide range of contract law services for every stage of your business and contract life cycle. Whether you are starting up a new business and need help with a contract partnership or are facing a lawsuit because one party is accused of breach of contract, attorney Michael A. Cross can help through mediation services.

Skilled Guidance For Your Contract Law Needs

Mr. Cross has more than 20 years of experience in business and commercial representation. He is also an experienced business owner and entrepreneur who knows what it takes to own and operate a successful enterprise in Colorado. This experience matters, and it can help you make important decisions related to:

  • Business partnership agreements
  • Shareholder/stockholder agreements
  • Contracts with vendors or suppliers
  • Contracts with clients and customers
  • Employment contracts
  • Purchase/sale agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Agreements with financial institutions or investors

Contact the law firm of Virtual General Counsel LLC in Denver, Colorado. The firm handles matters for businesses throughout the Denver metro area and surrounding areas. Reach the firm online or by telephone at 303-395-0259 (toll free at 800-229-1646) to arrange a consultation.